Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Does anyone say a family prayer around the dinner table anymore?  How often do you sit around the table together?  It was always the best quality time around our house to talk about things that really mattered in our kids lives.  If you're not doing the payer thing...try asking what they are grateful for.  You will not believe some of the stuff that comes out of their little mouths!

If you need a prayer, you are welcome to use one I wrote many years ago:

Let us be grateful for the spirit that holds a family together,
For the infinite beauty of the Earth,
And for the opportunity to make one new friend each day
through kindness and giving without measure.
For if we pass this way but once,
It will be the only legacy we leave.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What about the guns?

Tragedies like Sandy Post are beyond comprehension to me.  I believe we serve nothing but future shootings by creating a media circus around these events.  It simply glamorizes the endemic problem we face today and no one is talking about the core matter.

Guns in general are a big problem in our country from a number of angles.  Yet, what really killed those unfortunate people was a lost soul.  Did you read that the lady who cut the gunman's hair said that in the entire time period she cut his hair, not one word was spoken.  Who amongst you can say that is true for you?

Maybe it is time to take a hard, long look at the real problem behind this foolish waste of life?  The young man had found out that his mother was about to commit him to an institution.  That this was a long time coming goes without saying.  For all the outcry about gun control now, why not look at this from a completely different perspective.

Here is the real answer we need.  Let's re-allocate the resources we so foolishly throw around the world.  Why not cut off Pakistan in foreign aid immediately?  They had hidden for a decade the most heinous perpetrator of needless and senseless killing that still upsets our citizenry.  I believe the total we have given Pakistan since 9/11 is around $19 billion.  What if we instead use that money on our own shores to change the image of mental health care?  Most of the families, friends and teachers of the individuals that are committing these types of crimes are known to be troubled souls.  If we could re-invest those dollars in care for those in need of that help, maybe we can see some hope of changing the horizon of these tragedies.

Most of the mental health facilities I know of in Illinois have been closed due to budgetary issues.  Instead we dole out monies to countries around the world, with no real ability to track where that cash and military spending goes.  $19 billion could go a long way to building, staffing and operating these facilities.  And what does that do?  IT CREATES JOBS HERE ON OUR SHORES!!!!  It gets people into institutions where they can be monitored in the fashion that will allow families the ability to lead normal lives knowing that their loved ones are being given the professional help they need.

Currently, there are many professionals out of work in the higher age brackets, not unlike myself.  What if we created paid positions around the country with a network of Greatful Dads that would attend all schools in paid positions to monitor doors and help in the classroom as needed?  Again, these resources are available if we stop the flood of global aid that cannot be tracked by any means we know of now.  Giving those out of work or returning to the private sector from military service the dignity of having a value to their daily effort helps in a variety of ways and then also protects our students from the madness I expect will continue as long as we stay the course we are on!  Let's stop creating a media circus for others to see how fame can be gained as they look for a way to end their tragic and distorted lives.

Certainly there is no sense in the proliferation of hand guns, or any type of automatic weaponry that pervades our country today.  I truly believe that is beyond the scope of what our Founding Fathers had in mine considering the right to bear arms.  I read recently in the Chicago Tribune the death totals by country.  Canada finished a distant second place with I believe 102 shooting deaths.  The United States led with the ridiculous total of 10,728! Really?  Yes, really!  The big news in Chicago this week was that we registered over 500 shooting deaths again in the city.  As you can imagine, most of the deaths occurred in the high crime, poorer sections of the city.  Families without a positive male influence are the norm in these areas.  Why not find a way to have jobs created again by giving a new plan of welfare that has to be earned by working within the schools and community arenas?  People without jobs lose their dignity and will join any type of activity or gang that makes them feel like they belong somewhere each day.  Again, we have the resources available if we re-allocate our own tax dollars inside our own shores.  Skip buying the next 100 drones and see what we can do about changing the cycle of behavior in our inner cities and create jobs at the same time.

At this point, the horse is out of the barn in reeling in the number of guns we have in our country.  Why not create new guidelines for the use of these guns?  All automatic weapons need to be kept locked up at the shooting ranges where they are used.  No one goes hunting with automatic weapons right?  So why not make it illegal with a $10,000 penalty to have automatic weapons outside of the gun range storage lock ups?

And yet, I always return to the family unit as the source of our problems.  Families that have no respect or love at their core are the breeding grounds for future trouble.  For all the talk about bullying in the last decade, we keep pointing at the schools for solutions.  Wake up!!!!  Bullying ALWAYS starts at home!  The simple long term effect of parents not treating each other with respect creates an environment that gives birth to those children having the displacement of their feelings of confusion and loneliness taken out on the targets who are weaker in size or emotional strength.  Again, how about a nationwide network of Greatful Dads that help monitor the halls and lunchrooms, for pay, instead of continuing to borrow money from the Chinese to bankrupt our country with needless wars and foreign aid away from our own desperate shores where loneliness and anger continue to create the tragedies we know will continue if we stay our current course.

Just changing the gun laws is not enough and we all know about taking a NEW DIRECTION in how much we care about the family unit for a change?  Turn off the TV and care more tonight about what goes on in your own home.  Our future depends on it!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Building a Path to the Heart

When you have a child and go to the hospital to pick up Mom and 

the you are wheeling them down, God, whichever one

you believe in, puts a load of bricks in the back of your car.  

From the moment you arrive at home, you have a choice each day 

of what to do with those bricks. 

You can either build a path for your child to walk on safely to your 

heart...or you can build a wall between you.  

You have created this child.  Why not open up your heart and 

make a conscious effort to make your child feel safe every day.

Most people will use the excuse that their parents didn't show 

them how to do that.

My goal in life is to save lives one heart at a time... with the gift

of unconditional love that my sweet parents passed on to me.  I

cannot think of a greater legacy to leave for your children.  All the

riches in the world hold no real value at the end of a life.  

The way to live forever... is to leave a part of your soul inside the 

hearts of others.   Give your love each day without measure and

you will accomplish that.  Is there a greater gift than love?

Welcome to the Greatful Dad